Instructor Information

Welcome to the Instructor Information website.

You can use this website to:

  • Schedule an upcoming test for your ODS student.

The ODS Test Proctoring office closes at 4:30 all weeks except final exams when we close at 5pm. Exams must be scheduled to end by 4:30 pm (5pm during finals) if ODS assistance is required.

Here are a few reminders before you begin:

You do not enter or access any student information.  This allows multiple students to select a single, created test definition.

You must create a new test definition for every different test date and/or time.

Test definitions MUST be created 7 calendar days prior to the actual test date.  Please refer to the Scheduling Chart emailed to you.

  • Review and revisit student accommodation letters

You may look at your entire list of accommodation letters (or accommodation letters in a specific class) in the "Accommodation Letters" tab


Please click the courses link above in order to get started. You will be asked to login using your school login account.